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About Us

Miao & Co Financial Group Pty Ltd (ACL 544210)

Miao & Co Financial Group Pty Ltd (MCFG) (ACN 660 647 030) is one of Australia’s fastest growing mortgage managers. We are committed to providing the best possible home loan options suited to the individual. At Miao & Co Financial Group, we base our operation on efficiency, technology, and commitment to service. We offer an extensive range of flexible and competitive financial products. Our staff are well-qualified, experienced and we genuinely enjoy what we do – making it easy for us to offer the service you’d expect to enjoy from one of the fastest growing mortgage managers in the country.

Leading Financial Group

All Miao & Co Financial Group loans deliver competitive interest rates and additional benefits tailored to meet differing needs. And of course, you can combine one OR more different loans to give even more features and flexibility.

Every loan approved by Miao & Co Financial Group is overseen by a trustee who is wholly and completely independent of the investor, the mortgage manager (Miao & Co Financial Group) and the bond issuer. The trustee holds all important mortgage documents in safe custody and delegates the day-to-day management of the mortgage to a mortgage manager.

Our Mission

Our primary measures of success are the creation of enduring customer satisfaction and shareholder value.

Our Vision

To deliver the best finance solutions to Australian home buyers and property investors.

Our Culture

Equipped with extensive financial knowledge and great problem-solving skills, our motivated and responsive team members are here to offer professional services to customers and business partners.

Our People

Miao Cheng

Director / Funder

Miao Cheng is the managing director and funder of Miao & Co Financial Group Pty Ltd.

Miao’s 6 Years’ experience in the mortgage lending sector includes multiple roles at major banks as well as running his own mortgage manager business. But it’s the future he’s more interested in. He’s determined to help Self-Employed Australians find the right loans faster and easier than ever before. And at Miao & Co Financial Group, he’s doing exactly that. Brilliantly.

Marshall Zhou

Lending Executive / Co- Funder

Marshall is the co-funder and lending executive of Miao & Co Financial Group Pty Ltd.

Marshall has worked in mortgage lending industry for over 6 years, predominately as a lending manager and finance broker in a leadership role. Marshall has full experience in helping brokers and their support teams achieve their goals for their business, their team and their clients. As a lending executive and responsible manager in the company, Marshall turned the company back into profit.